Books by Patrick Lindsay

Will Parks: Road to Hangtown

They told Will Parks that the Oregon Trail would lead him to a promising new land where he could strike it rich at mining, or running a saloon, or whatever he wanted to do. They were mostly right.

They didn’t tell him about the Comanches, the outlaws, the vigilantes, or the dock gangs in the new boomtown in San Francisco. Will had to find out about all those things the hard way.

Luckily, Will is a force to be reckoned with. He knows what to do about this kind of thing.

Klondike Gamble: The Siren Call

Luke Spencer grew up the hard way, moving from town to town in the west. At 34, he is a veteran of gold rush strikes and boomtowns from South Dakota to Colorado to New Mexico. While at the family ranch in Montana, he gets news of a possible gold strike in the Yukon.

Angie Parker is left alone on the family farm in Washington when her parents pass away. She dreams of something more and drifts west to Seattle, where she gets word of the new town of Skagway in Alaska.

The dreams and possibilities are too much to resist. Along with a hundred thousand others, they hear the siren call of the gold fields of the Klondike. The adventure begins…

Chance Reilly

Every man deserves a second chance.

Chance Reilly is the orphaned son of Irish immigrants. His father named him Chance because he believed that any man with courage who will work hard has a chance at a good life in America. Chance is honed by his experiences in the Civil War and toughened by his dealings with street gangs and underhanded politics in 1870’s New York.

At age 28, Chance returns to his roots in Cimarron, New Mexico, seeking to begin a new life where he was forced to leave off as a child. All the possibilities are there for him: the old family ranch, gold in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, and the daughter of his old neighbors who has grown to become a beautiful young woman.

Can Chance deal with the unresolved issues from his past to claim a good life in the old West? His resourcefulness, skills and toughness will all be put to the test.

Gibson’s Gold

Chance Reilly, the orphaned son of Irish immigrants, has carved a place for himself in the West. But when unforeseen developments threaten to take his ranch away, he and girl-next-door Kate set out on an adventure to recover a long buried shipment of gold. Enemies and unexpected news about Kate’s past will put them both to the test.

Agua Caliente Canyon

It’s a slam-bang finish to the Chance Reilly story as outlaws surviving the Lincoln County war migrate to Northern New Mexico. When the town of Cimarron is attacked, Chance must decide if he will serve as sheriff to protect the town. When his family is threatened, they all must join together with Chance to take on the outlaws hiding out in a remote canyon. Fighting to protect his family is nothing new for Chance, but this time it’s personal!

Mike Stone

A fast-paced western yarn that is hard to put down! Texas in the 1880’s offered both opportunity and danger.

Mike Stone comes to Texas to avoid the gunfighter reputation he had acquired in New Mexico. He finds adventure and danger as he settles in near Austin with an unexpected inheritance and a beautiful new neighbor. He finds it hard to put the guns away when the Texas Rangers come calling.

You’ll enjoy this western mystery with a touch of intrigue and echoes of a famous outlaw from Texas history.

Chance Reilly Series

All 3 Chance Reilly books in one set: Chance Reilly, Gibson’s Gold and Agua Caliente.

Chance Reilly is the orphaned son of Irish immigrants, seeking to return to the family homestead in New Mexico. In his quest to establish a new life for himself, he will encounter challenges at every turn. Natural disasters, a lost gold shipment, old enemies and outlaws will all stand in his way as he tries to build a future with next-door neighbor Kate. When he’s fighting for family and friends, Chance is a force to be reckoned with.


McCabe’s Luck: The Feud Goes On

Jake McCabe is no stranger to trouble. Between serving in the army during the Civil War and being involved in a long-running feud in his home state of Kentucky, Jake has known some hard times. Some have said the McCabe family is known best for their run of bad luck.

Jake decides to move to central Texas, along with a beautiful neighbor lady and her family. They all hope for peaceful days and happier times in their new home, but sometimes trouble just seems to follow a man. Luckily, having a new ranch to call your own and the love of a good woman are powerful incentives, and Jake knows how to fight for what is his.

Vanishing Trail

Some of the finest horses in Central Texas are disappearing, and the Texas Rangers have lost one of their own trying to follow the trail of the missing stock. Ash McKinnon, who is the best tracker the Rangers have, is called in from Langtry, Texas to solve the mystery. Ash is happy to escape the town ruled by Judge Roy Bean, but he gets more than he bargained for when a beautiful rancher has some of her finest horses stolen right under his nose.