McCabe’s Luck

Jake McCabe is no stranger to trouble. Between serving in the army during the Civil War and being involved in a long-running feud in his home state of Kentucky, Jake has known some hard times. Some have said the McCabe family is known best for their run of bad luck.

Jake decides to move to central Texas, along with a beautiful neighbor lady and her family. They all hope for peaceful days and happier times in their new home, but sometimes trouble just seems to follow a man. Luckily, having a new ranch to call your own and the love of a good woman are powerful incentives, and Jake knows how to fight for what is his.

Patrick Lindsay 

Patrick Lindsay lives on a small cattle ranch south of Fort Worth, Texas. He comes to Texas by way of Missouri, Canada and California, but has been happy to call Texas his home for the past 35+ years.

Patrick enjoys the creativity of writing and is thrilled to know that people are entertained by his work.

Other Books by Patrick Lindsay 

Mike Stone: Texas Ranger

Mike Stone comes to Texas to avoid the gunfighter reputation he had acquired in New Mexico. He finds adventure and danger as he settles in near Austin with an unexpected inheritance and a beautiful new neighbor. 

Chance Reilly

At age 28, Chance returns to his roots in Cimarron, New Mexico, from New York, seeking to begin a new life where he was forced to leave off as a child. All the possibilities are there for him: the old family ranch, gold in the Sangre de Cristo mountains, and the daughter of his old neighbors who has grown to become a beautiful young woman.

Gibson’s Gold

(Chance Reilly Book 2) Chance Reilly, the orphaned son of Irish immigrants, has carved a place for himself in the West. But when unforeseen developments threaten to take his ranch away, he and girl-next-door Kate set out on an adventure to recover a long buried shipment of gold. Enemies and unexpected news about Kate’s past will put them both to the test.

Agua Caliente

(Chance Reilly Book 3) It’s a slam-bang finish to the Chance Reilly story as outlaws surviving the Lincoln County war migrate to Northern New Mexico. When the town of Cimarron is attacked, Chance must decide if he will serve as sheriff to protect the town. When his family is threatened, they all must join together with Chance to take on the outlaws hiding out in a remote canyon. Fighting to protect his family is nothing new for Chance, but this time it’s personal!

Took up this book and from the first few pages I knew it was going to be my cup of tea and it was really loved the story line and the main hero, these type of westerns are great but they always get me in trouble with my wife I lose myself in the story and although I wear hearing aids she’ll swear that I really ignore her when trying to get my attention,good books always cause bother in our house.

– John O., Amazon Reviewer


I would like to recommend this book to everyone who wants to read a very interesting and exciting new story where the action never stops. I have found that these books are very hard to put down. I will be looking forward to reading the next book from this author.

– Cecil S., Amazon Reviewer


“Mike Stone: Texas Ranger” was a fantastic and very enjoyable read. This story details Mike Stone who moves to Texas and gets the calling from the Texas Rangers. This was just a great, old-fashioned, fast-paced western that leaves you wanting more. Additionally, the author did a great job of developing the characters, and providing a great ending with a great sense of justice. …a great read that I highly recommend.

– BR, Amazon Reviewer